Scaninnov Material Academy AB

      Founded in 2016, Scanninov is committed to using and promoting the research results of scholars in cooperation with the company, using exclusive and innovative material technology to solve the disinfection problems in public places and places that need to be disinfected.

       Scanninov is cooperating with scientists to invent copper nanocomposites to do antiviral Covid-19 testing. The polymer-based coatings contain nanoparticles of copper will be controlled release of copper nanoparticles on the coated surface, since the release of nanoparticles are extremely slow, the coating can be effective for a long period of time (like several weeks) and safely (the chosen nanoparticles will be lethal to viruses and bacteria but not poisonous to human beings). This coating will be used for long-lasting air purifier industry and antiviral coatings, which for high-touch surfaces like ATM, doorknobs and public transportation to reduce the spread of virus.

       Scaninnov collaborates with scholars and investors in their research. The company has many collaborations with academia in Sweden and other countries, and three doctoral dissertations are based on the early input of Scaninnov. Scaninnov is looking forward to cooperate with academia in staff training courses, access to facilities, knowledge transfer, spin-off, and joint research.


Contact Information

       Address: Ljusnevägen 15C, 128 48 Stockholm

       Contact person: Robert Grann (Project Manager)

       Phone: 0733857523

       E-mail: [email protected]

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