Biofiber Tech Sweden AB

    Established in 2016, Biofiber Tech envisions a sustainable future by leveraging its groundbreaking technology to transform wood fibres to be more compatible with plastics matrises, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil-based plastics. Their expertise lies in researching, developing, and commercializing modified wood for diverse applications across industries such as automotive, electronics, household goods, furniture, construction, and related composite fields.

At the core of Biofiber Tech's capabilities is their pioneering technology in modifying lignocellulosic fibres, enabling the creation of biocomposites that not only match but surpass the price and performance benchmarks set by existing polymer products in the market. Excel not only in technological innovation but also in crafting effective business models and driving successful technology commercialization.

Recognized as a leader in the industry, Biofiber Tech has earned accolades including "Top 25 Scandinavian Cleantech," "Norrsken Top 100 Impact Tech," and "Top 10 Almi Pitch 2020." Biofiber Tech are eager to further deepen collaborations with academic institutions and businesses, inviting partnerships in R&D endeavours and market exploration aimed at high-performance and sustainable materials.

Contact Information

    Address: Norrsken Hourse, Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, SE -113 56 Stockholm

    Contact person:  Sara Georgsson 

    Phone: (46) 0730959260

    E-mail:<[email protected]>


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