Welcome to Online Workshop on Materials Key to Batteries and Hydrogen Economy


13:00-17:00 (CEST), April 16th, 2021

      Stockholm Material Hub organizes a workshop on the topic of materials key to batteries and hydrogen economy held online in the afternoon of Apr. 16th, 2021. The aim of this workshop is to 1) Introducing current expertise and infrastructure about materials related to batteries and hydrogen study in SMH; 2) Presenting experience from outside researchers about materials key to batteries and hydrogen economy; 3) Presenting advanced facilities & service relevant to this topic.

      This workshop would be an open webinar with no registration fee required. Welcome to join!

Zoom link:


Meeting room: 665 9506 0853

Password: 20210416



13:00-13:05     Prof. James Shen, Stockholm University

                          Opening speech

Section I:         Hydrogen energy

13:05-13:35     Prof. Niklas Hedin, Stockholm University

                          Materials and processes for H2 purification

13:35-14:05     Prof. Dag Noréus, Stockholm University

                          Solid state hydrogen storage

14:05-14:35     Prof. Per Ekdunge, PowerCell Sweden AB

                          Hydrogen produced by renewable energy sources

14:35-14:45     Coffee break

Section II:        Battery

14:45-15:15     Prof. Jiayin Yuan, Stockholm University

                          Energy carbons: black gold for this century

15:15-15:45     Dr. Maciej Wysocki, RISE

                          Solid state batteries - research challenges and opportunities 

15:45-16:15     Dr. Mylad Chamoun, Enerpoly AB

                          Zn-based battery chemistries

16:15-16:25     Coffee break

Section III:       Electrocatalyst

16:25-16:55     Prof. Adam Slabon, Stockholm University

                          Nanostructured interfaces for solar energy conversion

16:55-17:25     Dr. Zhehao Huang, Stockholm University

                          Discover new electrocatalysts by transmission electron microscopy

17:25-17:30     Prof. Niklas Hedin, Stockholm University

                          Concluding remarks

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