Welcome to Online Workshop on 3D Printing

13:00-17:00 (CET), Feb. 16th, 2021

A workshop on the topic of 3D printing will be held online in the afternoon of Feb. 16th, 2021, with support from Stockholm Material Hub. The aim of this workshop is to 1) Introducing current expertise and infrastructure about 3D printing in SMH; 2) Presenting experience from outside researchers about real-life applications of 3D printing, both in customized production and large-scale industrial manufacturing; 3) Presenting advanced facilities & service for 3D printing.

      This workshop would be an open webinar with no registration fee required. Welcome to join!


Zoom link:


Password: 20210216


Workshop Schedule

13:00-13:05 Prof. James Shen, Stockholm University

                     Opening speech

Part I Additive manufacturing in current business

13:05-13:30 Prof. Lars-Erik Rännar, Mid Sweden University & AIM Sweden AB

                     Additive manufacturing: From research to business

13:30-13:55 Prof. Håkan Engqvist, Uppsala University

                     OssDsign: A successful spinoff story of the additively made ceramic implants for repairing skull fractures

13:55-14:20 Dr. Yuan Zhong, Volvo, Göteborg

                     Additive manufacturing of automotive spare parts

14:20-14:40 Fika

Part II Additive manufacturing for future business

14:40-15:05 Prof. Aji Mathew, Stockholm University

                     3D printed biobased scaffolds for medical applications

15:05-15:30 Dr. Erik Adolfsson, RISE Göteborg 

                     Additive manufacturing of ceramics

15:30-15:55 Prof. Sasan Dadbakhsh, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

                     Understanding and improving the processing aspects of inconel superalloys using EBM

15:55-16:05 Short break

16:05-16:30 Prof. James Shen, Stockholm University

                     Turning disadvantages to advantages: Oxide contamination as a reinforcing agent in additively manufactured metal parts

16:30-16:55 Prof. Yang Li, RISE Stockholm

                     Additive manufacturing of prosthesis and orthotics using forest-based composites

16:55-17:00 Prof. James Shen & Prof. Aji Mathew, Stockholm University

                     Closing remarks

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