Episurf Medical - First Episealer® surgery performed in Asia

On Oct. 27th, Episurf Medical (Nasdaq: EPIS B), SME memeber of SMH, announced that the first Episealer® surgery in Asia has been performed at a Hong Kong clinic. The surgery had been postponed due to Covid-19, but now, it was possible to perform the surgery.

“We are pleased with the outcome of the first Episealer® surgery in Hong Kong and Asia. The first surgeries in both Asia and in the US have been performed under exceptional circumstances given the current pandemic, without representatives from Episurf in Europe at the site. But all went very well in both cases, and we look forward to the next steps in these important regions”, says Pål Ryfors, CEO Episurf Medical.

Reference: https://episurf.com/pressrelease/L1JlbGVhc2UvVmlld1JlbGVhc2VIdG1sLzhCOENBQzlFNEQ1ODRGQ0M=/

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