Better ceramics: the goal of ACOS

A new interdisciplinary organization for dental ceramics has been started. The Academy of Ceramic Odontology in Sweden was founded in December 2020 in Stockholm.

The Academy of Ceramic Odontology in Sweden (ACOS) is a non-profit national organization that brings together dentists, dental technicians, materials researchers and patients to drive the development of bioceramics and improve ceramics used in dentistry.

Both individuals and organizations can become members of ACOS. Through the association, members can exchange experiences and training in the field.

It is especially important that patients are involved, so that researchers and those who are active in dentistry become aware of patients' requirements and wishes, says Zhijian James Shen, ACOS's first chairman.

Professor of Materials Chemistry
Zhijian James Shen is Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm University. Among other things, he was the editor-in-chief of the book Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry, which was published in 2013.

- ACOS will organize a scientific congress every spring and simpler autumn meetings, perhaps in several places. There will also be courses, seminars and discussion forums when there is interest, he says.

Cross-border projects
In terms of research, ACOS will work for projects across both subject and geographical boundaries.

- Both national and international cooperation projects will be considered. The synergy between basic research on advanced ceramics and technology and needs-driven, applied research is crucial for the development of dentistry in the digital era, says Zhijian James Shen.

In this part of the work, ACOS will collaborate with Stockholm Material Hub (SMH), a Stockholm-based initiative supported by the EU's European Regional Development Fund.

Pioneering on implants
Sweden has contributed to the development in the area. Zhijian James Shen mentions in particular two Swedish innovations that have been groundbreaking: Per-Ingvar Brånemark's invention of titanium implants in the 1960s and Matts Andersson's process technology, which introduced CAD/CAM production of ceramic dental restorations in the 1980s.

Per Vult von Steyern is vice chairman of ACOS. He is a dentist and professor at Malmö University. He teaches and conducts research in the subject of oral prosthetics. His research is on dental ceramics, especially all-ceramic bridges.

- The society has just been formed and has not yet found its forms. The statutes have not yet been nailed down, he says.

The new secretary of Acos is Noran De Basso, a dentist who runs Svea Dental Clinic in Stockholm.



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