Zirconia Ceramics for Digital Dentistry

       The aim of this project is to develop the new generation of zirconia ceramics that has the potential to further simplify the dental restoration structures and the workflow of the restorative dentistry. The intended zirconia products will fit perfectly with the emerging era of digital dentistry, in which not only the approaches involved in the clinical diagnosis and treatment process but also in the production of individualized restorations, in the information transmission and communication between dentists and patients respectively between dentists and technicians will all be digitalized.  This is a cross-disciplinary issue that interconnects a wide range of topics. The role of digitalization in leading the conceptual development and the new possibilities opened up by the integrated digital technologies in digitalization of the clinical situations, in digital design and in digitalized manufacture of customized components made of zirconia ceramics will be the focuses.

       The industrail partners involved in this project are Svea Dental Design AB (Svea DD) and Ceravik AB (Ceravik). For more details please contact Mirva Eriksson ([email protected]) and Mattias Matte ([email protected]),  Svea Dental Design AB (https://sveadd.se/)

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